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IT User Support

We provide flexible, scalable, and efficient technical support for installation, additions, modifications as well as end user (desktop) support. Our professionals assist get your teams working quickly and helping you as a business owner make sure that your resources are working at capacity.

Cisco Meraki Specialists

We are partners of Cisco Meraki in London with a specialist team of Cisco Meraki Consultants. Cisco Meraki is one of the most trusted Cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions formed of switches, Wi-Fi Access Points and state of the art Endpoint Management solutions (Firewalls). One of the unique features of Cisco Meraki, that appeals to businesses all over the world, is the ability to easily manage your entire network via the Cloud-based dashboard.

Security & Virus Protection

When you encounter a major security or virus issue, call RN Digital World LTD as we will start working with you immediately. We understand that any risk to your clients is a risk to your business, and our virus protection software protect your data and return your system to full functionality, quickly.

Disaster Recovery

We work with our clients to build automatic, strategic and encrypted backups, reducing the chance of catastrophic loss in a disaster recovery scenario.

Desktop & User Support

Efficient and friendly desktop and user support, enabling continued productivity in what you do best.

Microsoft 365

Improve your company’s productivity, and cybersecurity while reducing costs and empowering your employees by working with us to implement Microsoft 365 services.

Cloud Backup Solutions

We have a wide range of affordable cloud backup solutions that can play a vital role in providing accessibility, disaster recovery, synchronization services, cybersecurity, and reduced operating cost.

We will work with you to define what is the best solution amongst the industry leaders including:

· Back blaze business backup

· Nextiva

· Cash plan pro

· SOS online backup for business

· Dropbox

Networking Implementation and Improvement

We offer network implementation and improvement services that enhance the speed of communication, productivity and maximize the scale of security with customized network solutions. Our networking services include the following:

· Designing the network

· Procuring the necessary components (hardware and software)

· Implementing the network

· Network monitoring


Security Implementation and Training

We offer affordable and comprehensive security solutions for your business. We can secure your important data as well as your property, assist in complying with regulatory data protection rules and train your employees to minimize the risk to your business.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

We provide a cybersecurity risk assessment that can give a more comprehensive understanding of your current security situation. Our subject matter experts can identify potential risks within your systems and design and implement solutions for your business.

Multi-Factor Authentication

We can implement Multi-Factor Authentication for the protection of your online data, ensuring that only verified operators can get access to business applications and secured or protected data.


Intrusion Detection and Response

We also provide intrusion detection and response solutions that monitor all your networks. If there is a threat or potential threat to the system, the automatic threat detection system starts alerting the teams prior to the attack, identifying the source so that the risk can be eliminated, thereby eliminating the risk to your business.

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